KangMiNCHAN (rose_ddalki) wrote in 2007_sjbirth,

Upcoming birthdays

21 July (RyeoWook) - will promote very soon
1 July (EeTeuk) - promoted
10 July (HeeChul) - will promote very soon
21 August (KiBum) - will pronote
24 August (YehSung) - will pronote

GYAH, I can't believe I forgot about Wookie T_T

서울시 마포구 신수동 22-4 벨라르미노 학사 210호 김정민
Kim, JeongMin, no.210, 22-4 Bellarmino Dormitory, ShinSoo-Dong, Mapo-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea

due dates:
RyeoWook: week of 11 June
EeTeuk/HeeChul: week of 18 June
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MiNCHAN you are love!!!
*squishles joo*

oh yeah, people had been asking me if they could give sumthin to teh other boys as well..
together with teh giftsies that they're gunna give Teukkie..
Shall I tell them not to do that?! cuz I think it's a bit..bleh..^^;

thank you s'much for doing this!
*squishles joo more*
to which member?
uhh..I think all of them..?!
but Imma go ask again. just to be sure. ^^;
oh, there was this one person who didn't make a birthday thing for Teukkie..
she made sumthin for teh whole SuJu instead & asked if it's okay..^^;
oh, that's awesome! in fact tell her to send it anytime and I'll pass it on A.S.A.P ^-^
awww~ yer just teh sweetest thing evarr!!
*glompage attackness* <33
so it's ok if I tell them to send whatever they can to any SuJu anytime they want?! waiii~

all hail MiNCHAN,teh all mighty int'l delivery person of SuJu love who's full of awesomeness! XDDD
*showers her with choco-coated nekkid SuJu bois*

thank you sooo very much!
I shall do my best to aid you in this endeavor!
m(_ _)m
^^ the only thing is I can only really give those in person to EeTeuk, EunHyuk and KangIn, so unless it goes to the entire SuJu I have to ask those members to pass it on to another member....
...and honestly that's the hardest thing you can ask..T_T
as long as you can understand that one thing, sure ^^
(oh and DongHae sometimes, as well)
I actually thought of that as well..
it might be a bit too much to ask them to be secondary delivery persons..^^;.
but it's still ok for them to give anything they want ne?
just as long as they understand teh "risks"
ahahah..I'm pretty slow..sorry.. x_x
yosh, imma try & make them understand that..
thank you very much again.. ^^
sorry for asking too many questions..
I hope I'm not annoying you or anything..x_x;


9 years ago


9 years ago

Excuse... I can send you a Draw?
But no in a paper, in jpg. to the Teukie Birthday?
I thought it would be more meaningful if it was actually posted... sorry.
so I can send my presents for like eeteuk and Heechul to this adress? ^^
yup ^^*
Hmm.. excuse me. But I'd like to know. Is it ok if I send a CD of compilation of videos of fans singing happy birthday to the boys to you?
Also, should I want to give them a present, as in an item like a shirt for instance, should I inform you beforehand about what I'm going to send and approximately when it should arrive?
Yes to every question ^^
Ok! XD
Thank you lots for helping us international fans X3
I've got another question. Do you mind if I advertise this on my forum? >_____
NO, PLEASE DO I'll actually be thankful if you did T_T
Ok =D
I'll link back and maybe get the graphic designers to design a banner or something ^___^
Hey... I'm erm... wondering? Will you be able to send a special gift to KyuHyunnie and the boys at the hospital?
I'm not sure about that - but I'm sure I can ask one of the other members (if I do see them)
Thank you so much >_____<
I really appreciate it.
hey ! ^^
With friends we are curently in a gift project for sujus-mood..
And hm, it's t shirt...one for Teuki for his birthday from me , and there's one for Donghae and oen for Kangin too. A friend have a Cd for teuki's birthday as well, and I think we will send birthday card...
anyway, if everything is in a package, 3tshirt a cd and 1-2 card isn't very heavy, so do you think it's ok ? everything will be well wrapped and as small as possible... But is it possible ? present for other members too ? you can give everything to Teuki, there will me the name on each present ...
Want to know before making the t-shirts, I don't think we have other possibilities than you to send it to the boys... ^^

thank you again for your project !
Sure! Just make sure you have separate envelops for each member and THEN wrapped together in a bigger package to send me. I'll try my best then to give the gifts personally to the members.
Sure we will do that ! ^^
Thank you VERY VERY much, you are THE marvellous, you know ♥

hi.. erm..

im checking if you guys are still helping to pass presents to suju? for yesung's bdae especially....

wan to pass him gifts but.. sadly i dunno anybody who can help until i chanced upon this comm.. but.. i dunno it seems like you guys stop or something ready...

please let me noe if you guys can help me diliver gifts to yesung.. m(_ _)m

thanks thanks
I will! I'll update a post just now.